MET-A-DATA : A MDG & Data Services Solution

Why do you need SAP Master Data Management/ Governance?

Master data purity plays a very important role in any Organisation’s success and growth. Bad Quality master data can even lead to Organisation collapse. Generally, master data can be divided in the below categories:

  • People: Customer, Vendor, Business Partner, Person.
  • Places: Addresses.
  • Things: Materials, GL Accounts, and Assets.

The majority of SAP Customers slowly gets into Master Data issues. Below are basic Master data challenges every organisation is facing:

  • Fragmented.
  • Inconsistent.
  • Duplicate.
  • Incomplete.

AIRDIT has understood the dire need of organisations and has come up with a cost-effective solution. We have named the product as MET-A-DATA.

MET-A-DATA : MDM Custom Addon for SAP Customers

Product offering

  • Additional Validations compared to SAP ERP.
  • Standardization of master data.
  • Business rules to ensure data purity.
  • Capability to identify duplicates.
  • Collaborative workflows and notifications.
  • Maintain Master Data accuracy and consistency.
  • Reports for existing Master Data cleansing.

​MET-A-DATA : AIRDIT Vision towards a robust MDM product

Other Features/Product Roadmap:

  • Critical Data change Alerts.
  • Coverage of Material, Vendor, Business Partner and Customer.
  • E-mail and Mobile Push Notifications can be integrated.
  • Substitution and delegation available.
  • Timelines can assigned at each level of approval.
  • Master data Quality Dashboard can be built.
  • Coverage of more master data is in planned roadmap.

1. Solution caters almost all generic Master Data Governance requirements 

2. Data services reports for cleansing existing Master data are complimentary offerings which are missing in other MDG solutions 

3. Enough technical flexibility is provided in solution to cater additional requirements 

4. Solution is completely Mobile. It can be operated through any device 

5. Duplication check is the USP of this product  

6. Flexible workflow, Dynamic Screens, Critical Data Change Alerts, Attachments available 

7. Solution is built using ABAP and Fiori which are generic skill sets available in market  

8. No major investment on hardware 

9. We are Flexible in catering client specific requirements 

10. Defined Product Road Map so that product is always ready for future 

11. Implementation is included in Product cost  

12. Future support cost is lower because of lower consultant cost 

13. Very easy customization options which can be learnt by end users also

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