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AIRDIT experts work with SAP Fiori that brings instant value to your organization and operationalize your workforce. We have expertise in Fiori integration with ECC, S/4 HANA, BI, and CRM.

Realizing the Mobility trend, AIRDIT were a very early adopters of SAP Fiori Application building. Today we have a long list of prestigious clients who run their Global businesses on Fiori Apps developed by us. Procurement, Sales, Shopfloor, Production, Plant Maintenance, Finance you name any business process we have Apps to expedite your business processes.

We have also packaged our custom apps in a package named as ‘Frigate’. These apps are applicable to ECC and S4HANA customers. AIRDIT has analyzed SAP’s future plan of Fiori Apps release and accordingly came up with the apps. We make sure that Apps do not become redundant after moving to S4HANA. We include many features in our apps that are still not available with other Fiori development partners.

Fiori : AIRDIT recommendation for UI

Whenever the Enterprise business team approaches the IT team for better visualization, mobility needs, the IT team has tons of options available in the market. This happens once you are using SAP or Non SAP ERP for your business processes. However, if you are an SAP customer, SAP Fiori is the best bet for you for your Mobility, Analytics, Transaction, and Workflow requirements. Please look into the below points which clearly provide us reasons to go for SAP Fiori.

  • 1.Inline with SAP’s vision of User Interface
  • 2. SAP Fiori is in use since last 8 years and got much stability now
  • 3. SAP Supported UI/ Future updates will enable rich User Experience
  • 4. No need to keep Android, IOS developers for UI support
  • 5. No External Integration Tool required
  • 6. Single tool to address your Workflow, Transactional and Analytics(Reports/ Dashboards) needs
  • 7. Label printing and bar code scanning possible wherever applicable
  • 8. Minimum Infra Requirement

9. Future support cost will be lesser

10. Uniformity across organization in terms of usages

11. Notification possibilities: SMS, Email, browser, push and whatsapp(third party api) notifications

FIORI: SAP’s Recommendation for UI

You’re Choice

Designed for you, you’re needs, and your style of work.


Clean UX with only necessary information.

User Friendly

Makes an emotional connection.


Adapts to multiple use cases and devices.


Provides a fluid and intuitive experience.


SAPUI5, iOS, Android, and browser based device.

SAP FIORI Possibilities

1. Analytical Apps

We have readymade dashboards, Analytical Reports for all modules

2. Transactional Apps

All core modules transactional Apps are available

3. Workflow Apps

All workflows can be brought on SAP Fiori. A single App for all workflows or separate apps for separate workflows

And its USPs

Applications Development

Develop Fiori screens from scratch and have your business running with the latest user experience solutions. Our SAP Fiori app development experts help develop new Fiori applications that are not an element of your existing Fiori portfolio. We follow the custom design principles to develop new apps.

Fiori Extensibility

We can also help you in inspiring already organized Fiori applications in your land by using SAP’s arranged extensibility instructions in the standard Fiori Applications

Fiori Theming & Branding

Every organization’s brand story is different and our SAP Fiori services experts help you modify Fiori applications according to your company branding using colours, images, logos, and themes based on your business and marketing qualities.

Fiori Implementation

AIRDIT can kick-start your SAP Fiori implementation into high gear. Our expert team assists you with the implementation of SAP UI5, SAP NetWeaver Gateway, and multiple other SAP Fiori applications for an instant realization of productivity gains.

Powered by SAP HANA

Run analytical SAP Fiori apps and object pages on SAP’s powerful in-memory database platform

Support Services

AIRDIT offers dependable Fiori support for existing applications to resolve customer queries and issues with immediate solutions. Our expert team assist you for your fiori implementations. With our proven experience in Fiori consulting, we assist you to boost your incremental TCO for Fiori deployments

SAP Fiori Workflow Apps​

Deadline Monitoring

Parallel Processing


Analyze Process Flow

Deadline Monitoring

Agents can put the comments against the workflow items

Workflow History

Analyze workflow History through Smart User Interface


Various types of Notifications possible : SMS, Email, Push, Browser, WhatsApp

SAP Fiori Unique Offerings by AIRDIT


Bar Code/ QR Code scanning through devices, Mobiles bring possibilities of developing feature rich business apps.


Get in touch with us if your business is operating from areas having slower or no internet connectivity.


Trigger Any Notification using SAP Fiori. Browser, Mobile, SMS, Email, Whatsapp are available notifications.


Map based reports are very effective for Geographical analyses. 


You can take actions using voice commands

Why Choose AIRDIT for SAP Fiori?

  • 1. Custom Fiori Apps in areas of Logistics, Procurement, Sales, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance, Project Systems, HR, Finance.
  • 2. AIRDIT helps you to streamline your Master data with its Master Data Apps. We have transactions available in Fiori for all modules.
  • 3. Ready Made Dashboards/ Reports are available for all core modules.
  • 4. Applicable for ECC, Suite on HANA & S4 HANA Customers
  • 5. Apps complements existing SAP standard apps
  • 6. Our innovations such as push notifications, offline capability are available on demand
  • 7. Full support during your migration journey to HANA or S4HANA
  • 8. Complete analysis of the SAP landscape for a successful SAP Fiori implementation.
  • 9. Apart from standard implementations, AIRDIT offers customized implementation and deployment.
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