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Vendor Portal: A Portal for your Vendors

Vendor Portal

A vendor portal is generally an internet-based system used to manage and connect with third party suppliers of goods or/and services. It should be a secured management system adopted by organizations that network with multiple suppliers. This portal should permit the initial registration of suppliers as well as account management. Gone are the days when you were dependent on emails, phone calls for sharing Purchase Orders, Managing Advanced Shipping Notifications, Managing Dispatch, etc. This is the era of speed and business cannot suffer because of delays, communication gap, etc. If you are unable to do procurement efficiently it may lead to losses and business collapse. We need to be always in sync with our Business partners be it customers or vendors. The information update should be Real time or near to Real time.

AIRDIT has invested significant time in doing research and come up with most generic procurement requirements. The solution can be accessed from Desktop Computer, Tablets and Mobile devices. We have chosen SAP Cloud platform for hosting our solution. The solution is built on SAP Fiori. In case you are not SAP cloud platform customer, you can still reach out to us for the standalone product.

We have divided the functionality of Vendor Portal among roles such as Buyer, Quality Personnel, Vendor, Administrator, etc. Below is the snapshot of applications which we have offered to our customers.

Any technology solution should have a long-term roadmap. We understand this and we always define a short- and long-term roadmap for our products. The below snapshot will give you an idea of our plan for this product.

Vendor Portal: Functionalities Offered


1. Schedules​

2. Request for Quotation ​

3. Vendor Communication​

4. Vendor Performance Management/ Rating​

5. Empanelment ​

6. Vendor Queries​

7. Reports and Dashboards​


1. Dispatch Against Schedule​

2. Submit Quotations​

3. PO Confirmation/ ASN​

4. Vendor Invoice​

5. Catalogues ​

6. Quality Certificates Upload​

7. Reports and Dashboards​



1. Quality Issues Management​

2. RM Specification ​

3. Audit Reports and Closure Letter ​

4. Quality Certificates Approval ​

5. Reports and Dashboards​


1. Minutes of Meeting​

2. Documents Exchange ​

3. Shared Drive​

4. Finance Team App​

5. Vendor Master Creation Automation ​

What’s Next

Product Roadmap

Q1 2021

End to End Vendor Invoice Management

Q2 2021

Reverse and Forward Auction

Q3 2021

More Reports and Dashboards ​

Q4 2021

Export/ Import Functionality ​

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