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SAP: Leading the Technological Revolution?

SAP underwent a generational change in the past ten years. SAP is constantly reinventing its solution portfolio, but the changes in the last decade can be considered a new record. Many consultants are finding it challenging to keep up with the pace of the SAP technological revolution.


Major changes and offerings from SAP:

If you’ve been keeping track of movements in the SAP market in the last few years, you’d probably notice one of the following items from the list below:

  • The continuous evolution of the HANA database.
  • The transition from SAP ECC to S/4HANA.
  • The inclusion of SAP Gateway and OData Services in the integration portfolio.
  • The adoption of SAP Fiori as the primary user interface.
  • The cloud revolution and move from on-premise to SAP Cloud solutions.
  • The digital transformation with new information systems like SuccessFactors, Ariba, and C/4HANA.

Challenges faced by clients:

  • Consultants tend to lack understanding of Functional and Technical changes incorporated by SAP in the S4HANA environment.
  • Excessive requirement of skills because of the sudden surge in S4HANA conversion projects leading to quality compromise
  • SAP is supporting traditional coding styles in ECC environments followed earlier, which is a great strategy, but it is sometimes hurting the client’s ROI


Increasing demand for SAP Consultants & Consulting companies:

The number of SAP consultants has increased steadily as the demand for new SAP implementations has grown from the last decade until now. Consulting companies and independent consultants can charge premium rates for specialized skillsets and expertise depending on the demand for specific skills. This trend will continue in the next decade, with an increasing number of implementations, support requirements, and the fast pace of innovations being released by SAP.


Is this the right time and opportunity for SAP consultants and companies in the history of SAP?

The most significant advantage for us is that SAP is moving from the core ERP package and investing in innovative technologies to follow the changes in the market and stay up-to-date. This is the best strategy to remain relevant in the market, expand the business, and win the game against competitors. In my knowledge and opinion, this is the best time for SAP consultants because they will not work with obsolete technology and stay behind compared to the rest of the IT market. The current time

Even if you express a different opinion from my statement above, there is only one fact that we can’t ignore, which is the need to move out of our comfort zone and start to learn and discover all the new techs offered by SAP, right?



These are a few primary reasons consultants and consulting companies found it challenging to cope with the evolving phase of SAP technology.

Well, I think these days, with changing times, consultants are slowly holding their horses on and trying to learn about the emerging features in the SAP field. SAP consultants have understood that they need to constantly upgrade their skills with newer product releases and acquire more recent skills that are in demand always so they can stay in high demand.

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