Empathy: A Custom SAP CRM Solution

Empathy: A Custom CRM Solution on SAP


Custom Add-on built on SAP Fiori for your pre sales needs

Empathy developed by AIRDIT Software is an SAP pre sales solution. The solution is built using SAP Fiori. Customers who are not willing to do major investments in Salesforce or other CRM products can avail ready-made Pre sales app with Empathy. Empathy offers Lead Management, Prospect Management. It helps you in running your Marketing campaigns and the solution is tightly integrated with SAP.

1. Leverage your ECC to Next Level for Customer Interaction. 

2. Streamline your sales cycle.

3. Provides a platform to track interaction with potential or existing clients.

4. Trace and track your pipeline. 

5. Helps you to predict customer behavior. 

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