Frigate : SAP Fiori Custom Apps Package by AIRDIT

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​Fiori Custom Apps Package complementing SAP standard Apps


We have packaged our custom apps in a package named ‘Frigate’. These apps are applicable to ECC and S4HANA customers. AIRDIT has analyzed SAP’s roadmap of Standard Fiori Apps and accordingly came up with custom apps that complement SAP standard Apps. We make sure that our Apps and your investment do not become redundant after moving to S4HANA. We include many features in our apps that differentiate our apps compared to other partner apps.  

Procurement Apps: MM Apps

AIRDIT offers Master data Management Apps such as Manage Material Master, Manage Vendor Master. We also offer lot of transactional and Analytical apps in procurement.

Sales and Distribution Apps

With AIRDIT Fiori SD Accelerator apps, you can complete Quotation-Order-Delivery-Billing cycle in few minutes which might be taking few days now.

Plant Maintenance Apps

We offer End to End Plant Maintenance Apps including PM Notification, PM Order, Order Confirmation, Measuring Point, Measurement Document related Apps.

Production Planning Apps

Real Time Production Planning Dashboards are needed for Production department. Other Apps include BOM, Routing, Production Order display etc.

HCM Apps

Customers can take their HR processes to next level through SAP Fiori Apps. We have ready made Apps for Performance Management, HR Dashboard, HR request Approvals etc.

Quality Apps

Quality Notifications, Usages Decision, Result Recording, Dashboards apps are available . Apps are powered with Bar code/ QR Code scanning and offline capability .

Project System Apps

Project GANTT chart display Apps are available with exciting features. Revex, ECapex Approvals apps with workflow and attachment functionality are readily available.

Finance Apps

MIS reports with planning, Budget and Actual figures are available. , Dashboards with various important KPI figures such as Quick Ratio, Current Ratio, DIO, DSO are available.

Why to Choose Frigate Fiori Apps?

  • Apps are real use cases of various industries such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharma, etc
  • Ready Made Apps are available for all business processes.
  • Focus on areas where customers are expecting innovations such as Plant Maintenance, Shop Floor Apps.
  • Dashboards for Each Department.
  • Various notifications are incorporated.
  • Value added features such as Notifications, Google Map Integration and Bar code scanning are integrated.
  • Next Gen Technologies such as AR/VR, IOT integration in various apps are done and provided to clients.

SAP PM Fiori Apps

1. Covers Most of the Business Transactions​

Notification, Orders, Confirmations, Measurement document creation almost all important Transaction applications available

2. Business Analytics​

Dashboards and Analytical reports provides visibility towards process efficiency

3. Bar Code Enabling​

Bar Code/ QR Code enables possibilities of Equipment and Functional location scanning resulting in faster actions

4. Future Scope​

We already have brought options of taking pics, Geo Tagging and Mobile Notifications. In next phase, we are exploring to bring Augmented reality in PM processes 

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