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AIPM: AIRDIT's Intelligent Plant Maintenance

Current Scenario

Large industrial facilities lose more than a day’s worth of production each month and  hundreds of millions of dollars a year to machine failures, according to a new report published today by Senseye, the AI-powered machine health management company.


Equipment breakdowns are always costly,  actual cost depends on how much yield is affected by doing the operation later versus the day equipment failure had happened.

Need of Mobility in PM Area

An efficient Mobile enabled Plant Maintenance can significantly reduce critical equipment breakdowns; Minimize production loss due to equipment failures.


There are lucky maintenance professionals who have already experienced the benefits of mobile asset management.


There are some who still are still struggling managing their plant with traditional desktop systems.

What about SAP Customers?

SAP Customers thrive in reducing the time taken in any business process. However  they still have to implement many process and system improvements in PM area.


Some have not implemented Plant Maintenance yet. Some have implemented it but they are still waiting for the right solution for an efficient Mobile enabled Plant Maintenance solution!!!

AIRDIT comes to the Rescue

AIRDIT has understood the dire need of simple yet efficient Mobile enabled Plant Maintenance solution. Apps such as My Maintenance assistance brings accountability to your PM Team members and make their life also easy prioritizing their work.

Bring Data, Transactions, Reports all at one place

Screens are simplified, scanning options are provided wherever possible. Appropriate use of icons, colors in showing process flows make Apps more efficient compared to GUI Apps.

  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Calibration Process
  • Refurbishment Process


  • Master Data Apps
  • Transaction Apps


  • Analytical Reports
  • Dashboards


AIRDIT Frigate released in April 2022 as an alternative to SAP Fiori client available in

App stores empowers Users​ with Biometric/ Face Login and features as below which distinguishes us from other App​ Providers.

Bar code Apps
Push Notifications
Geo Tagging
Offline Apps based on request

Analytical Reports and Dashboards

Many Analytical reports are available out of the box. Some more KPI’s dashboards are in progress.

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