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AIRDIT Intelligent Plant Maintenance Solution


Revolutionize your Plant Maintenance with AIRDIT’s AIPM—a comprehensive, feature rich solution tailored to meet the future needs of SAP users. Eliminate downtime, enhance decision making, and gain a competitive edge in today s fast paced industrial landscape.

Maximize Profits and Minimize Downtime with AIRDIT Intelligent Plant Maintenance

The “True Cost Of Downtime” report, focusing on Plant Maintenance , presents findings from a comprehensive study of 72 major multinational industrial and manufacturing companies. It uncovers that, on average, large plants lose 323 production hours a year. The average cost of lost revenue, financial penalties, idle staff time, and restarting lines is $532,000 per hour, amounting to $172 million per plant annually.
SAP Plant Maintenance is often overlooked, leading to companies losing
ground to competitors. At AIRDIT, we understand the critical need for 99.99% equipment availability to stay competitive. Introducing our game-changing solution, AIPM, which ensures enhanced uptime and operational excellence. Trust us to help your organization thrive in a highly competitive market.

Revolutionary End-to-End Plant Maintenance Solution - Discover AIPM by AIRDIT

AIRDIT’s AIPM offers a revolutionary end-to-end plant maintenance solution. It encompasses processes like Calibration, Shut Down management, and Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance, ensuring streamlined operations for enhanced plant productivity and reliability. Driven by industry experts, AIPM integrates powerful features like Asset Explorer and Work Instructions, along with advanced capabilities such as offline access, QR code scanning, and rich analytics. With a well-defined roadmap, AIPM promises continuous innovation and support, helping you stay ahead in the competitive industry landscape.

Discover AIRDIT Intelligent Plant Maintenance's Cutting Edge Advantages

End to End Processes

AIPM offers a complete solution for end-to-end processes. This includes managing Preventive and Breakdown Maintenance, Calibration, as well as Shut Down & Turnaround management.

Powerful Applications

AIPM Tailors the Future needs of SAP Users: Asset Explorer, Work Instructions, MTTF & MTBR Reports, asset tracking and Measuring Documents applications are designed to cater next generation industrial requirements.


AIPM's embedded analytics enhances decision-making and visibility by providing maintenance KPIs, offering process and cost-related analytics with drill-down capabilities

Unmatchable Features

AIPM, our signature product, boasts exceptional capabilities such as offline access, QR code scanning, push notifications, user personalization, geo-tagging, Chatbot and low code no code forms. We strive to deliver beyond your expectations.

Unlocking Excellence with AIRDIT:

Your Premier SAP Partnership Choice

Continuous Innovation

Our software product s strategic roadmap spans the next three years, encompassing Linear Asset Management, Fleet Management, Work Permit Management, and IoT enablement.

After Sales Support

Our software product offers SLA driven support, ensuring timely resolution of your issues and requirements.

Optimize Your SAP Plant Maintenance Operations with AIRDIT’s Cutting-Edge Solution

In today’s competitive landscape, SAP Plant Maintenance often lags, putting companies behind rivals. AIRDIT, the ‘SAP Genie,’ knows you need 99.99% equipment availability. AIPM lets you proactively tackle maintenance, slash downtime, and seize a critical edge.
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