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AIPM: AIRDIT’s Intelligent Plant Maintenance

AIRDIT Software Services is an SAP Silver Partner, focusing on SAP Fiori Projects Implementation, SAP Add-on Products, SAP Functional Consulting, ABAP Development Projects, and Staff Augmentation services. We are headquartered in India, have multiple offices, and building a strong partner network in all major economies. We are also a legal entity in UAE.

We are an organization with a 100+ strong workforce.


Plant maintenance plays a vital role in production management because plant breakdown creates problems such as:

  1. Loss in production time.
  2. Rescheduling of production.
  3. Spoilt materials (because sudden stoppage of process damages in-process materials).
  4. Failure to recover overheads (because of loss in production hours).
  5. Need for overtime due to excessive work
  6. Need for subcontracting work
  7. Temporary work shortages-workers require alternative work


With AIPM, we are trying to eradicate a few of these issues along with some others which will not only improve the product but also solve a lot of Plant Maintenance problems worldwide

On 30th Sept ’22 we launched our much-awaited product – AIPM which has proven to be one of our strengths. With a roundtable virtual event with CIOs across various industries, this event turned out to be exciting.

We were a bit nervous at the start but the feedback we got was overwhelming. All of the responses would be taken into consideration in the process of making AIPM better and bigger. The future roadmap is super empowering and adventurous!


AIPM: Airdit’s Intelligent plant maintenance


Product Offerings:

The solution has the below Applications:

  • My Maintenance Assistance
  • Asset Explorer
  • Manage Maintenance Request
  • Manage Maintenance Order
  • Asset Inspection
  • Analytics
  • Real Time Alert
  • Smart Features (Geo Tagging, Bar Code, RFID)

My Maintenance Assistant (Similar to My Job Card)

Maintenance assistant is an out-of-the-box mobile work and asset management application. It integrates with SAP ECC and S/4 HANA Plant Maintenance (PM) module to enable Mobile Asset Management and workplace mobility for field workers.

  • Purpose: 

The sole purpose of My Maintenance Assistant is to bring asset and maintenance-related information handy to your handheld device based on your maintenance role.


Asset Explorer

  • Purpose:

The asset explorer Application shows all the real-time information about the asset.

  • Features: 
  • Asset Explorer displays the open planned, and unplanned jobs, Current inspection & History, MTTR, MTBF, maintenance cost overview, measurement history, Geotagging, and closed maintenance history.
  • It also has features like creating maintenance requests and orders directly and recording inspection value


Manage Maintenance Request

  • Purpose:

Initiation, Screening, and executing maintenance requests on paper is inefficient, time-consuming, and costly.

Manual reporting will lead to reporting time and may increase your breakdown duration, reducing equipment availability.


Manage Maintenance Order

  • Purpose:

Executing maintenance work orders on paper is inefficient and costly.

Technicians can’t receive updated work orders in the field and managers have no

Visibility into what work is being done and how long it takes. Carrying all the SOP, Work Instructions, and Process manuals print along with JOB information again is a cost to the company.


Asset Inspection

  • Purpose: 
  • Majorly helps to manage inspections, repairs, and preventive activities
  • Features:
  • It enables the record of malfunction, corrective maintenance, calibration, and refurbishment.
  • Also helps plan material, external service, and labor and records the cost, activity, and time confirmation.



  • Purpose: 
  • Major purpose of the Analytics bar is to represent data in a graphical format.
  • Features:
  • Real-time data is available and helps us to keep a track of various parameters of our asset
  • Benefits:
  • Ease on eyes in grabbing data
  • Quality Data Entry and (100%) paperless work


Real-Time Alert

  • Purpose:
  • Every real-time information/detail is captured in this section.
  • Features:
  • Push Notifications (Real-Time Alert for notifying the activities to take relevant action)
  • Benefits:
  • Real and easy way of getting alerts. Helps to be proactive with notifications and messages


Smart Features

  • Purpose:
  • As the name suggests, a Bar code/QR code helps scan a device wherever required.


  • Features:
  • One of the key features of this is that it eases down the entire procedure of noting asset maintenance history or logging a new malfunction report
  • Easy Asset tracking
  • Remotely managing maintenance requests & maintenance order
  • Remote Inspection
  • Geotagging (Assets tagging with latitude and longitude coordinates to quickly locate the asset over the map and display all the ongoing jobs over the map)
  • Offline Apps based on request (Condition Monitoring (Inspection), maintenance request/order executing, and time confirmation can be provided considering users working in low internet connectivity areas)

SAP Plant Maintenance is comprised of components for the three main activities that help companies to maintain systems or equipment:

  • Inspection, which establishes the actual condition of the systems or equipment;
  • Preventive maintenance, which helps to maintain ideal conditions for the system or equipment; and
  • Repair, for restoring the systems or equipment.

And we think with AIPM right now, we have already started to build a better place for Plant Maintenance Technicians in terms of the stability of the product and its operation.

Stay tuned for more such blogs about our Product and Services and any SAP Addon Product or Services-related query, feel free to reach out to us!

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