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Vishwa Mohan Kumar, CEO

Vishwa Mohan Kumar is the Co-founder and CEO at AIRDIT software services Pvt ltd. ​Mr Kumar holds 14 years of in-depth expertise in the industry and has accomplished multiple projects in his entire career. He has also worked as a Technical consultant, Functional Consultant, Team lead, Project Manager and Development Manager, Vice President in his prior roles. At AIRDIT, Mr Kumar is one of the key decision makers in defining the vertical and horizontal businesses. He is also responsible for product development, service execution and training, alongside managing the operations, strategic 

planning, client interaction and profitability analysis for future investments and business growth. Born and raised in Bihar Sharif, Bihar, Mr Kumar completed a degree in Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkot, Karnataka.

Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra, CTO & Director

Mr. Mohapatra holds a pioneering presence in the technology industry, having more than 12 years of prolific experience in SAP, Java, Cloud, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IOT and further on. Mr Mohapatra is a technocrat who bridges the gap between business and technology by providing quantifiable technology solutions to real world business problems. It is this powerful combination that has helped him project AIRDIT’s growth to an unfathomable level and reach the pinnacle of success.


Mr Mohapatra’s prolific tenure witnessed a keen inclination towards providing sustainable effort towards a multilayered growth, for the business ecosystem. At AIRDIT, he spearheads the end to end project Management, Solution Architecture, User interface design, client technical interaction and trainings. He was also responsible for building architecture for complex projects, with a hands-on experience in providing end to end solution design and user interface design in his previous roles. Born and raised in Odisha, Mr. Mohapatra has completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from KIIT, Orissa.

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