My Innovation – RUN Your Business Process with Blockchain on SAP Netweaver , HANA and S4 HANA.

Dear developers and customers now you can start any of your business activity, which is running on SAP with HANA or without HANA through blockchain. For customers – no need to invest huge amount of effort and money. From a developer point of view no need to do much more effort to learn API’s.
From myside i am providing some examples of business process, which all i have tested through blockchain. One of the best process is your GL account and for any kind of business approval process, it can be Leave Request, PO, PR etc.
Throughout my FIORI development carrier, i have marked most of customers used to ask – “from security point of view how much we can trust on FIORI” . So now if you are implementing blockchain for FIORI backend then at least 70-80% security threat you can reduce.
For blockchain adoption on SAP is not only for security but also you people know from “Why blockchain”?
First of all i am sharing with you people one of high level blockchain architecture on top of SAP netweaver system and implementation using ABAP.
Here a short description i am providing – See for each node you can represent as an ABAP program, for minor node you can represent with ABAP background jobs. The main important thing is communication protocol – for this either you can use H2 or else you can use gRPC(for this you have to do some part of implementation in SAP kernel level). Regarding block storage either you can use your SAP app server DB or DMS/RMS or SAP Netweaver file system. Regarding cryptography you can use SAP delivered API’s.
Then come to the second part where i will show you people, how will implement blockchain for HANA and S4 HANA customers? First of all see the high level architecture for HANA/S4 HANA.
Blockchain implementation on HANA/S4 HANA for any of your business process, you have to replace all ABAP program and background jobs with Node JS instance. Can use all Node JS Cryptography API’s.
From above explanation, hope you people can start your own blockchain implementation for your business process without depending on cloud.
You can also integrate your[NGAIP- Netweaver Gateway As a IoT Platform].In next phase i will come with some interesting innovation on top of Netweaver/HANA/S4 HANA.