FIORI Offline

AIRDIT New Innovation on FIORI : AIRDIT is introducing SAP FIORI with offline capabilities. So now customers no need to take headache whenever they are not in any GSM/CDMA network range, to operate FIORI application. They can perform FIORI application operation without any internet – like Purchase Order Approval, Sales Order Approval, Sales Order Creation, Purchase Order Creation etc. Now the million dollar question is – how those users activity in time of offline will move to server? For this we have implemented such type of framework once your device will connect with internet it will sync offline data with server. One more important thing we have specified, if any UI is getting changed in server side, so that time also no need to worry, framework will sync those UI changes also. For existing FIORI customer no need to do any changes to turn your FIORI as offline. So withing a short period of time you can turn your FIORI apps to offline